Vertex 100 delivers shower after shower of hot water for your home at 96 percent efficiency

Modern American families love hot water. Many homes in this country have multiple showers, dish washers, spas, radiant floor heating, and clothes washers; and often, all of those appliances are running at the same time. How does a family meet these “peak demands” for hot water and still achieve the goal of energy efficiency?

A. O. Smith’s new Vertex ™ 100 residential gas water heater is designed to deliver hot water efficiently for the “high volume” American lifestyle. The difference, however, is that the Vertex supplies all of this hot water and saves energy. The Vertex 100 can deliver up to an impressive 96 percent thermal efficiency—more energy efficient than any other gas-fired residential water heater on the market.

The secret to Vertex is its exclusive design featuring a top-fired burner and the helical internal heat exchanger. The burner forces hot gases through the heat exchanger, and the helical design holds the gases in longer, using this energy to heat the water more efficiently. Also standard on the Vertex 100 is A. O. Smith’s eco-friendly Green Choice ® gas burner which reduces nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions.

The compact design of the Vertex means easy installation in nearly any home. Vertex has the same “footprint” as a conventional water heater and uses inexpensive PVC pipe for combustion air and exhaust. Vertex requires no special construction, chimney, or ductwork and needs no special materials, helping to make installation faster and less expensive. Vertex 100 comes with a backlit LCD display that shows water temperature, records performance history, and includes advanced diagnostic capabilities.

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