A. O. Smith Water Products Company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and marketers of water heaters. Customers look to A. O. Smith for innovative solutions to their water heating needs, a reputation we have enjoyed for more than 70 years. Today we “deliver the world’s hot water” to residential and commercial customers in more than 60 countries.

Residential water heaters—We offer high-efficiency gas and electric water heaters in sizes ranging from two gallons up to 100 gallons 

Residential on demand (tankless) water heaters 

Commercial water heaters—A. O. Smith offers a comprehensive line of commercial gas, electric, and oil-fired water heaters. We are also one of the few companies that supplies specialty water heaters custom-designed for the application. 

High-efficiency copper tube boilers—Our high efficiency boilers can be used for hot water and hydronic heating applications. 

Specialty commercial systems--A. O. Smith has a variety of specialty systems that can be tailored precisely to your requirements. Our Ac-U-Temp boiler and tank combinations are pre-piped and wired, built to your specifications. We also offer completely packaged hot water generator systems. 

Pump and expansion tanks—Pump tanks help to equalize pressure in domestic water system applications. Expansion tanks can be used for potable water and hydronic heating applications.

Water purification equipment--Through its new venture, A. O. Smith (Shanghai) Water Treatment Products Co., Ltd, we make "point of use" reverse osmosis water purification products for residential, light commercial, and larger commercial applications.


A. O. Smith is the second-leading water heater brand in China. We have an established presence as a supplier of commercial water heaters in Europe and the Middle East. The company recently launched a new venture to supply residential and commercial water heaters in India.

China: www.aosmith.com.cn 

Europe: www.aosmithinternational.com 

India: www.aosmithindia.com