A. O. Smith employees help build home for deserving family

McBee Habitat Volunteers

McBee plant employees donate time to help local Habitat for Humanity

For the first time ever, Habitat for Humanity and A. O. Smith employees organized a build in the town of McBee, S.C. With the help of John Martin, chief executive officer of Mar-Mac Wire, 40 A. O. Smith employees and additional volunteers constructed a 1,200 square foot home for McBee resident and single mother of two, Danielle Wright.  

“McBee is uniquely split geographically,” said Katie Reaves, human resources supervisor of the McBee facility. Nestled between the Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge and the McBee Wildlife Management Area, this small town of 600 residents finds itself more often than not secluded away from the rest of the county.

“There was never this type of opportunity for our residents,” said Reaves. “So, when John reached out to us as a way to support the community, the response to join was overwhelmingly positive.”  

McBee Habitat Volunteers Half WidthA. O. Smith teams decided to dedicate two full work days, May 17 and 18, to helping the Union-Anson County charity. On these days, employees assembled what could have taken weeks.  

“We were not out there making daisy chains,” joked Reaves. “We were up and down ladders all day long.” Over the course of two days, employees installed drainage systems, fitted vinyl siding, erected overhangs, and painted the interior home.  

Volunteers were not alone in helping construct the new home. When Habitat chooses recipients, they are required to put in contributions of hard work into their new home, also known as ‘sweat equity.’  

Mary Ann Wright with A. O. Smith employee and volunteerSide by side, volunteers worked with the new homeowner’s mother, Maryann Wright, due to her daughter working two jobs in order to support her family.  

“Maryann was a huge help,” said Construction Manager Troy Pruitt. “She and the A. O. Smith volunteers were the best groups out there. Everyone was professional with experience to share.”  

Katie adds, “This construction job felt like a real opportunity to live our values and to be good community members.”  

Saturday, June 17, at 10 a.m. is the dedication ceremony at the newly constructed home where Troy and members of the local church will gift Danielle and her family with the keys to their new home.  

“We invite the community and volunteers to come out and celebrate with us,” said Pruitt.     

Looking toward the future, Pruitt concluded, “Anytime we are building in Chesterfield County, we will definitely contact A. O. Smith, and we hope to continue this amazing partnership.”

McBee Habitat Volunteers Measuring