Restructuring and Global Growth 1980-2009

Car Frame 1982 Thumbnail1982: Company produces its 100 millionth passenger car frame. 
Acuna 1984 Thumbnail1984: A. O. Smith opens its first electric motor assembly operations in Juarez and Acuna, Mexico. 
1986 Motors1986: The acquisition of the Westinghouse small motor division substantially increases the size and scope of the company’s electric motor business.
A. O. Smith and L. R. Smith 1988: A. O. Smith and L. R. Smith become the first father and son to be inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. 
A. O. Smith enters China market1995: A. O. Smith enters the China market with three joint ventures – automotive products, fiberglass oilfield pipe, and residential water heaters. 
1997 Car Frame1997: A. O. Smith exits the automotive industry after 98 years by selling its U. S. business and a Mexican subsidiary to Tower Automotive. 
UPPCO C-Frame H Motor 1997 Thumbnail1997: Electrical Products makes the first of a series of strategic acquisitions with the purchase of UPPCO, Inc. The following year, it acquires General Electric’s domestic compressor business and then in 1999, buys MagneTek’s global motor operations. 
Nanjing 1998 Thumbnail1998: Two years after creating a water heater joint venture in China, Water Products Company buys out its partner and opens a new plant in Nanjing. 
State Industries 2001 Thumbnail2001: A. O. Smith acquires State Industries, Inc., nearly doubling the size of its water heater business. The acquisition enables Water Products to enter the retail market segment for the first time in more than 40 years. 
Shezhen Speeda 2001 Thumbnail2001: A. O. Smith acquires Shenzhen Speeda Industries, Ltd., the first of four strategic electric motor acquisitions in China. 

Water Heater 2006 Thumbnail2006: A. O. Smith completes the largest acquisition in company history, purchasing Canadian water heater and building products manufacturer GSW Inc. and American Water Heater Company.  The addition of the American, Whirlpool, GSW, and John Wood brands make A. O. Smith the leader in the North American water heater industry. 

India Marketing 2008 Thumbnail2008: A. O. Smith begins to market residential and commercial water heaters in India, one of the first U. S. companies to participate in this market. 
Shanghai Water Treatment 2009 Thumbnail2009: The company enters the water purification industry with a new venture, A. O. Smith (Shanghai) Water Treatment Products Co. Ltd. The new company supplies reverse osmosis water treatment and water filtration products to the China residential and commercial markets as well as export markets throughout the world.