Featured Employee: David Sloan

David Sloan traveling

David Sloan, service parts coordinator at the Lebanon facility, was nominated for an internal employee recognition award for his stellar Community Involvement. While his volunteer work is expansive, he remains modest with regard to his generosity, focusing on his other hobbies, which include traveling and finding his next adrenaline rush. From volunteering for Habitat for Humanity to skydiving, one thing is for sure: David knows how to stay busy and keep life exciting.

Get to know David …

Q: Where are you from?

I’m from Lebanon, Tenn.

Q: When did you first start working for A. O. Smith, and what is your current role?

I started in June 2015 as a temporary parcel TM clerk, and my current role is Service Parts Coordinator.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working for A. O. Smith?

I enjoy the people most. It’s always fun and everybody is eager to help. There is never a dull moment.

Q: What activities do you participate in outside of work?

I really enjoy traveling with my girlfriend. We go on trips almost every weekend. I also like to go kayaking and hiking.

Q: Besides your volunteer activities, what is something interesting that people might not know about you?

I’m a huge adrenaline junkie and I’ve been sky diving before. I also used to be in a band that played around Nashville for a while.

Q: What are some of the volunteer organizations you have been involved with?

I’m a board member for the Habitat for Humanity of Wilson County, which helps build houses in the community and offers affordable mortgages for families who purchase them. I’ve worked with the North American Mission Board through a group called GenSend where we went to St Louis for six weeks to volunteer throughout the community and research the best location to establish a church. I’ve also done work with Last Call 4 Grace which is a nonprofit that gives people in challenging circumstances resources like weekly meals, access to shelter and clothing.

Q: When did you first begin your volunteer work?

I first began after joining my church, New Vision Baptist, about three or four years ago. Several members were already involved so it was easy to know which organizations were credible and jump in.

Q: What motivated you to start volunteering?

I guess I just started to think about my time and how I should be spending it. I was thinking about the love I have for people and how some just need a little help. I figured I’d try to help them out.

Q: What has been your favorite volunteer experience and why?

I can’t say I have one, but the one I think about most is something that happened in St. Louis when I was helping out at a shelter. I got a small cut on my hand and a little six-year-old girl pulled me aside and started explaining to me that no matter how hurt I was, there were always going to be people to love and care for me. It took me aback, because the girl went out of her way to comfort me, even though the cut wasn’t a big deal at all, and she had a lot of other things she could have been worried about. The whole thing made me remember that life isn’t about what you have or the cards you are dealt, but how you love each other and how you react to your circumstances.

Q: How have these experiences impacted your life?

They have taught me to see the good in life instead of focusing on the bad. The people I have met have shown me this is possible even when life gets tough. I’m grateful to have had the chance to meet all of these people. They’ve made just as big of an impact, if not a bigger impact, in my life, as I have in theirs.