Featured Employee: Mary McFadden

Mary McFadden

Mary McFadden, a production scheduler at the A. O. Smith McBee facility, has worked at A. O. Smith for over 35 years and was recently highlighted in an article in The Link regarding her position on the board of the United Way of Chesterfield County (UWCC). By devoting both her time and skills to the UWCC, Mary enhances the well-being of her community with ardor and graciousness.

Get to know Mary…

Q: Where are you from?
I’m from Chesterfield, S.C.

Q: When did you first start working for A. O. Smith, and what is your current role?
started in 1982 and have worked in a few different roles. I spent 13 years in quality control, a few years in waste water, and now I am a production scheduler.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working for A. O. Smith?
There are so many things that make A. O. Smith enjoyable. The people that I work with are very friendly, and there are great benefits and it is an all-around great place to work.

Q: You are one of seven active board members for the United Way in Chesterfield County. Can you tell me a little about the UWCC and its mission?
At UWCC, we are based on sincerity and integrity. We seek to enhance the economies and social well-being of the community through the collection and allocation of funds and resources based on need. United Way is an organization that is dedicated to helping those in need in any way possible. We do a lot of things, but if we can’t provide a service, we direct people to someone that can. I am most involved in our services for income taxes to help those who can’t do their own.

Q: What are your responsibilities as a UWCC board member?
My duties include dedicating my time to help people whenever I can, but more specifically during tax time. I try to volunteer more of my time in this area as I am a trained tax preparer, but I have experience with a lot of different circumstances.

For example, in the case if someone has a house fire, as a board member, I would reach out to United Way of Chesterfield County to determine the needs for the family. I always make sure to follow up with the families I help because I want the best for everyone and want to show that I truly care.

Q: When did you first begin your volunteer work?
A little over 10 years ago. For three years, I was a Guardian ad Litem, which is the person who investigates what solutions would be best for a child taken out of their home. I evaluated children and helped them in fitting into their new environments.

Q: How did you get involved with United Way?
A former board member from United Way came to my job one day and said that she was retiring and asked if anyone would want to join the team. I’d donated to United Way before, but never had the opportunity to volunteer with them. When a family in my neighborhood lost their home and needed assistance, I saw the need in my community and wanted to do my part to help, and I knew this was the way to do just that.

Q: How have these experiences impacted your life?
I’m all about helping people, if I can, and volunteering with UWCC revealed that I could do just that with the skills I already possessed. If we all had that mindset, the world would be a better place. When I see the look on the faces of families that I have helped, it makes all the hard work worth it. It is not an easy task by any means, but volunteering is about putting your words into action and wanting to help people because they need it.

Q: Besides your volunteer activities, what activities do you participate in outside of work?
I am very active and athletic. I enjoy running, playing tennis, and exercising in general, but I really love riding a motorcycle with my husband, Stanley, and I’m sure many people probably don’t know that about me.