A. O. Smith, DOE enter into cooperative agreement to evaluate commercial hot water, power generation system


Milwaukee, Wis.—A. O. Smith Corporation announced today it has entered into a cooperative agreement with The U. S. Department of Energy to evaluate micro combined heat and power (µCHP) generation equipment for light commercial applications.
The three-year field test is designed to verify the value and potential payback of the equipment, simplify the installation process of the equipment, identify installation and service issues, and create an effective training program for installation and service personnel, according to Robert J. Heideman, senior vice president and chief technology officer of A. O. Smith Corporation.
Micro combined heat and power generation equipment is designed to provide both hot water and electric power to a facility, decreasing the need to use power from the local electric utility. Possible applications include full-service restaurants, hotels, multi-family apartments, and health/fitness facilities.
Site selection is currently under way and, to be included, a test site must have hot water demand that exceeds approximately 3,000 gallons per day.  Utilities and/or site owners interested in participating in this opportunity are encouraged to contact A. O. Smith to determine if the candidate site is suitable for this field demonstration.