A. O. Smith to begin marketing water purifiers in Vietnam

Vietnam Water Purification 620 x 240

Milwaukee, Wis.—Global water technology company A. O. Smith Corporation this week announced plans to begin marketing reverse osmosis water purification products in Vietnam.

The company will offer under-the-sink products using its patented sidestream membrane technology that delivers more pure water to the consumer while prolonging the useful life of the membrane.  The company also will introduce a line of counter top products that dispense cold or hot water for drinking as well as a tankless RO product that delivers large quantities of purified, clean water.

For the home or office, the company will provide a floor-standing RO unit capable of dispensing hot or cold water for home or office.  The company will sell its RO products through larger retail stores throughout the country.

Vietnam offers an attractive market for water purification products, according to Dr. Wilfried Brouwer, senior vice president-Asia, for A. O. Smith.  “The northern part of Vietnam has urgent requirements for water purification due to a natural pollution with Arsenic of the Red River basin aquifers. Increased land use for agricultural and industrial applications, in conjunction with private wells that are often contaminated with waste water, creating the need for purification at the point of use in the homes.”

For more information, go to www.aosmith.com.vn