President of A. O. Smith-China honored at China Gold Chip Awards Ceremony

Wei Ding Awards Ceremony

Wei Ding, president of A. O. Smith-China, was awarded the “Meritorious Figure of China Household Appliance in 30 years” during the recent 2015 Summit and Gold Chip Awards Ceremony.

Wei was honored for his great contributions and achievements in leading A. O. Smith’s development in the China market in the past 17 years. 

The award aims to elect the most outstanding figures who have made tremendous achievements in the China household appliance industry over the last 30 years. Candidates were evaluated by industry experts, in addition to receiving online votes via WeChat.  

Under Wei’s leadership, A. O. Smith has become a leader in the residential water heating market and, more recently, in the residential water purification market since entering the China market. The company’s focus has been on integrity, customer satisfaction, and innovative product research, which have led to continuous breakthroughs. Annual sales growth over the last five years has averaged between 20 and 40 percent, and the company currently enjoys the leading market share.   

The company launched its water purifier business six years ago and currently enjoys the leading share with more than 25 percent market share. A. O. Smith has become a well-known brand in China, widely recognized in the industry and by customers.  

Focus on Research and Development, Precise Insight into Customers’ Need
In his acceptance speech, Wei said A. O. Smith owes much of its success in the China market to its thorough research and insight into customers’ needs. It continuously introduces competitive products to meet the increasing needs of Chinese customers by upgrading its original technology and making new innovations, and is committed to providing a high quality of life for customers, he noted.  

“Taking care of our customers is the business philosophy of A. O. Smith and an important factor of our success,” he pointed out.  

“It is this business philosophy that has helped A. O. Smith maintain its leading role in both brand influence and market performance, as well as win the trust from customers. It has stood out and become the focus in the household industry,” he continued.  

A. O. Smith cannot maintain such strong development in the China market without good cooperation from its sale distributors. Wei said, “A. O. Smith does not take its relationships with distributors as competitors in a game or in a competition. On the contrary, they are closely connected partners and are bonded together. Through an understanding of the characteristics and needs of sales distributors and a commitment in doing business with honesty and integrity, A. O. Smith provides comprehensive and elaborate management and service to its distributors.”