Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recognizes A. O. Smith in China

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A. O. Smith’s China operations were the focus of Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella at the recent Microsoft Tech Summit 2017. 

China Microsoft Conference 1Satya’s presentation focused on a number of advanced technologies such as HoloLens, the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and Microsoft’s major product solutions.  For one of the solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer relationship software, he discussed a case history featuring A. O. Smith. 

“By using the modular, modern application framework of Dynamics 365,” he pointed out, “A. O. Smith is optimizing all of their call center operations inside as well as in other fields, in particular, customer connection and customer service. And the intelligent system of Dynamics 365 is ultimately going to be at the core of the change of business model and how that shifts.”  

A. O. Smith-China selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to upgrade its original customer service system and develop value-added service marketing to improve customers’ experiences.  The company investigated a number of solutions and vendors before selecting Microsoft.  

China Microsoft Conference 2With the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, A. O. Smith has achieved the following improvements:  

  • Integrate the call center with after-sales system, so the whole business process can be completed via a unified platform.  This improves customer satisfaction and allows the customer service team to input accurate marketing data according to the comprehensive customer information in the system. This promises to improve repurchase rates and customer loyalty.
  • Realize dynamic feedback and inquiry of all the phases from the placing of orders to the feedback of final service providers.  This enables the service staff and customers to track the process at any time and share callback information to avoid repeating callback.  This intelligent order task allocation helps to improve the accuracy, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Achieve enhanced inventory management by constant monitoring and setting up safety inventory. Exploded views of products can be checked in the system at any time, improving the accuracy of accessories selection.
  • Implement unified standards to simplify the accounting procedures and shorten the settlement cycle. The system automatically generates an expense statement and sends it to the service provider, which increases the transparency of the settlement process.

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