A. O. Smith employee, Linnie Brasfield, wins national award

Linnie Brasfield

Customer Service Specialist Linnie Brasfield recently traveled to Orlando, Fla., for an inContact User Conference to train and learn more about Studio, a program inContact uses for developing scripting for call routing. During the inContact Mojo Awards Luncheon Linnie was awarded the 2016 Mojo Contact Leader of the Year Award. There were three finalists in the category and over 700 people who attended the awards ceremony.    

According to inContact what’s unique about the award is that it’s presented to an individual, not an organization. The individual is a contact center leader whose achievements and passion infuse the workforce and who implements new ideas that significantly improve contact center operations. The recipient is also a contact center industry leader and visionary who supports and exemplifies inContact best practices.  

“inContact customers represent a full range of industries from consumer brands, business services, banking and finance, utilities and the public sector,” noted Paul Jarman, inContact chief executive officer. “The inContact Mojo Awards recognizes companies that continually transform customer experiences and utilize our cloud solutions to innovate in the contact center.”  

inContThe 2016 inContact Mojo Awards, sponsored by Verizon, and in partnership with Ovum recognizes companies that encompass an “above and beyond” commitment to providing superior contact center experiences to their customers. This year’s panel of judges featured a principal analyst from Ovum, a research and consulting firm known for its contact center industry leadership and expertise.  

Principal Analyst at Ovum Ken Landoline said, “Linnie is a contact center industry leader and visionary who supports and exemplifies inContact best practices. His achievements have significantly improved contact center operations while his new ideas and passion infuses the workforce. Linnie exemplifies what it means to be a leader and is truly deserving of this award.”  

A. O. Smith uses inContact, a cloud based call delivery platform that routes inbound technical support phone calls to the company’s technical support agents at its U.S. call centers throughout the company. Over 1.5 million calls a year are delivered by inContact to A. O. Smith call centers. The software is intuitive enough to route calls to the call center agent that has the unique skills the caller requires. Linnie recently took over the administrative side of the inContact system.  

“Linnie has demonstrated a unique ability to employ new technologies to dramatically improve customers’ experience when contacting A. O. Smith.  Specifically, Linnie has taken our inContact call center telecom platform, and transformed the customer experience in a number of business areas,” said Jason Kane, salesforce administrator.  

“In addition to making countless improvements to our existing technical support operations in Johnson City, Ashland City, Bristol and Irvine, he has worked tirelessly with Lochinvar to improve their technical support, customer service and parts operations.  He was also instrumental in configuring the transfer of afterhours and off-peak volume from our Fergus, Ontario, operation to Johnson City and Ashland City to provide extended coverage to our customers in Canada.  Linnie truly demonstrates our core values of emphasizing innovation and preserving our good name.”

Linnie has been working at A. O. Smith since 2010. He began working as a technical support agent in the Johnson City call center, but after about three years, Linnie’s manager Kenny Dick pulled him into a new position: workforce management. What had started off as a temporary position to see if it was a good fit, ended up as a bountiful career for Linnie.

“Linnie goes beyond the required. He understands the way our call center works so he is able to build meaningful tools for our team. Linnie takes time to sit in the call center’s team meeting to offer help. He makes himself available to us seven days a week, literally, seven days a week. Linnie’s biggest contribution is letting us know what the capability of the tools is and offers suggestions of how we can leverage the tools to become more efficient,” says Manager - Customer Service and Linnie’s mentor, Kenny Dick.

In his current position Linnie forecasts incoming call volumes based on previous call history. He helps prepare annual call volume forecast for budgeting purposes and modifies each quarter for scheduling purposes for the call center staff.  In addition, he prepares weekly forecasts to break down the call volume by 30-minute intervals during the day to help schedule lunch breaks and call center breaks throughout the day.

“It’s a lot of fun; don’t tell anyone, it’s like a giant puzzle. I love my job,” Linnie notes.  

Linnie is currently working on attaining his certification as a Certified Workforce Planning Professional (CWPP) from the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals. The workforce management certification is composed of four parts, which includes three tests and a project. The tests cover three areas of expertise:

  • Planning and Strategy;
  • Staffing and Scheduling; and
  • Managing Daily Staffing and Service.  

The program is a two-year program and less than 100 people are currently certified or are maintaining their certification in the industry.