Corporate Technology Center


The A. O. Smith Corporate Technology Center (CTC) is dedicated to the development of new energy efficient products and processes for the corporation. The center operates under the mission of “aggressively providing innovative technologies that significantly impact the business.”  

CTC’s strategy is to:

  • Seek, identify and evaluate technological drivers that significantly impact the business;
  • Support global technology strategy of operating units by collaborating with them to establish greatest value needs;
  • Proactively identify, develop, and deploy innovative technology to meet those needs;
  • Balance short and long-term business needs.

Facility size: 50,000 square feet; includes laboratory and office space

Corporate Technology Center Microscope Lab Test Image

Research focus: The areas of interest to Corporate Technology are those that build upon the basic A. O. Smith strengths in either existing markets or technologies, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and water treatment. These include: advanced water heater concepts; advanced water treatment technologies; materials science and engineering; advanced manufacturing processes; and electronics.

The major organization elements of CTC include:

  • Electronics - this team is involved in the development of electronic controls and sensors for water heating and water treatment equipment;
  • Materials Science and Engineering - this team's focus in on new materials that enhance product performance and reliability or reduce cost. This group also evaluates materials for advanced water treatment applications;
  • Thermal and Mechanical Technology - this team works on practical applications of energy conversion and heat management, with an emphasis on products that offer high performance, energy efficiency, durability, or lower cost;
  • Water Treatment Technology - this team is will support product development efforts now under way in China, India, and Turkey and will be responsible for new product development and engineering support.  The team will also pursue selected export water treatment opportunities and support the Corporate Development team as A. O. Smith expands its water treatment footprint.

History: A. O. Smith has supported a dedicated engineering group focused on product and process technology since the 1920's. The Corporate Technology function was officially designated in 1975; the Milwaukee Corporate Technology Center opened in 1983.