Corporate Governance

A. O. Smith Corporation has conducted business with honesty and integrity since 1874. Thanks to this commitment to ethical conduct, A. O. Smith enjoys an outstanding reputation in all of the markets we serve. 

All employees of A. O. Smith, its officers and its directors (as well as affiliated and subsidiary companies, consultants, contractors and other third parties that A. O. Smith engages to work on its behalf) share the same responsibility to report any violation of the Company's Guiding Principles or policies or any illegal or unethical act they may witness, including: harassment, including sexual harassment; improper use of insider information or other securities law violations; bribery; antitrust non-compliance; inaccurate, false or misleading entries in the Company’s books or records; improper international activities; and other questions regarding ethical practices.

A. O. Smith also has put in place rigorous policies and reporting procedures as part of its Corporate Governance program to help ensure the company maintains its hard-earned reputation for integrity.

Integrity Helpline

A. O. Smith employees have a responsibility to follow all laws and policies, ask questions if they are not sure about an action or a decision and speak up to report any violations.

The A. O. Smith Integrity Helpline is just one of many ways for employees to fulfill those responsibilities.

  Canada 1-800-350-1325
  China 10-800-110-0450
OR 400-601-3276

 0-800-99-0011, then 800-350-1325
 OR 0-800-99-1211, then 800-350-1325

  Great Britain 0800-032-2206
  Hong Kong SAR 800-93-2266, then 800-350-1325
  India 000-117, then 800-781-6270
  Mexico 001-800-376-4207
  The Netherlands 0800-022-3479
 OR 0800-020-0082
  Turkey 0811-288-0001, then 800-350-1325
  United Arab Emirates   8000-021, then 800-350-1325
  United States 1-800-350-1325
  Vietnam 1-201-0288, then 800-350-1325