California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

At A. O. Smith Corporation, there is an uncompromising commitment to following all applicable laws and regulations, including those that prohibit human trafficking and slavery, and A. O. Smith requires the same of its suppliers. 

The A. O. Smith Corporation’s Code of Conduct, also known as our Guiding Principles, specifically notes the importance of ensuring compliance with human trafficking and slavery laws:  

Supply Chain Integrity
A number of laws have been passed in the United States and other countries applying to manufacturers and suppliers (including laws on human trafficking, conflict minerals, and chemical and hazardous substances).  A. O. Smith has a strong commitment to compliance with respect to these laws and regulations, and expects the same commitment from its suppliers. (See A. O. Smith Guiding Principles, page 23.)

Procedures that enhance our compliance efforts include our Integrity Help Line, which allows individuals to anonymously report any conduct that may be illegal or unethical.  The Integrity Help Line is staffed with trained communications specialists from an outside service who will listen to the concern.  All calls are investigated and a timely response is provided.  Should you wish to report a concern in any compliance area, including with respect to human trafficking or slavery, you may call the following numbers:

  • United States and Canada: 1 (800) 350-1325
  • Mexico: 001 (800) 376-4207
  • China: 10 (800) 110-0450
  • Netherlands: 0 (800) 022-3479
  • United Kingdom: 0 (800) 032-2206
  • India: 000-117 then dial (800) 781-6270
  • Turkey: 0811-288-0001 then dial (800) 778-1911

To promote reporting and use of our Integrity Help Line, A. O. Smith makes it clear in our Guiding Principles and in a separate Non-Retaliation Policy that retaliation against an individual raising a concern is prohibited.  

Lastly, in 2013 A. O. Smith provided training to combat human trafficking and slavery in the supply chain.  Also, although not currently in place, A. O. Smith is considering additional measures to specifically combat human trafficking and slavery in the supply chain, such as accountability standards, supplier certifications, and verification and auditing of product supply chains.