History Timeline

As the company's history timeline illustrates, A. O. Smith’s history is one of finding creative ways to solve customer problems and make them more successful. It also is a history of achievement – the innumerable contributions of the men and women who make up the company. By following the credo of Integrity, Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction, A. O. Smith’s employees will ensure the company’s prosperity and success for another 140+ years.  
CJ Smith 1874 The Formative Years 1874-1902 
Ford Car 1906  Entering the Auto Industry 1903-1921
 Mechanical Marvel 1921 Innovation and Expansion 1922-1940 
 Aircraft Propellers 1942 War and Post-War Boom 1941-1963 
A. O. Smith 100th Anniversary Diversification 1964-1979 
 Historical Welding 1980 Restructuring and Global Growth 1980-2009 
 A. O. Smith 140th Anniversary Focus on Water Technology 2010-2014
 Lloyd R Smith Corporate Technology CenterFocus on Water Technology 2016-Present