Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Water is one of our most precious resources — and the world’s growing population is creating greater urgency to access, heat, treat, conserve and distribute water efficiently, safely, equitably and environmentally thoughtfully.

At A. O. Smith Corporation, our products help meet many of these urgent needs by making water safe for consumption and use throughout the world. Our highly efficient water heating systems conserve energy and our water treatment products conserve water and reduce reliance on single-use plastics.

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Our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Scorecard (below) contains our most recent key performance indicators (KPIs), a comparison against our 2019 baseline and our progress towards our 2025 goals. Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic in 2020, we made progress in our green revenue as a percentage of sales, as well as single-use plastic bottle displacement driven by our water treatment sales. To chart our progress, we intend to publish this scorecard shortly after the close of the first quarter each year.  

2020 CRS Scorecard