A. O. Smith Introduces Industry’s Most Efficient Heat Pump Water Heater


Ashland City, Tenn. (Sept. 27, 2022) — A. O. Smith, a leader in water heating and water treatment, announces the introduction of the Voltex® AL (anti-leak) hybrid electric heat pump water heater to its family of residential products. This unit brings to market a first-of-its-kind water heating solution with integrated leak detection, smart connectivity and updated water connections for professionals and homeowners seeking a highly efficient, intuitive and user-friendly product.

The Voltex AL model leads the water heating industry in efficiency, featuring the highest overall Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) of 4.02 with the 66-gallon unit and the highest 50-gallon UEF at 3.8. It is also available in an 80-gallon model. The unit can save homeowners up to $521 per year on utility bills when compared to a standard electric water heater. ENERGY STAR® certified, the product also allows homeowners to take advantage of rebates and tax credits for additional savings.   

“Heat pump water heaters continue to play an important role in decarbonization and efficiency efforts, and A. O. Smith is committed to the development of these technologies,” said Arthur Smith, A. O. Smith product coordinator. “The Voltex AL heat pump water heater not only provides contractors and technicians with increased installation and maintenance flexibility, but it also supports our commitment to homeowners who are looking for additional energy and cost savings.”  

Installation flexibility was a priority when designing the Voltex AL model, providing professionals with a universal replacement option. Incorporating a zero-clearance design for the sides and back, as well as top and front water connections, this product is an ideal choice for a variety of new and retrofit applications. The Voltex AL heat pump water heater also operates at 45 dBA, making it the quietest model currently on the market.  

The Voltex AL heat pump water heater offers homeowners peace of mind thanks to the fully integrated iCOMM™ connectivity platform, which supports features like the new anti-leak technology through the use of integrated leak detection and a smart anode. Using the A. O. Smith mobile app, professionals and homeowners can remotely monitor and adjust the water heater to improve performance and increase savings. For added peace of mind, the smart sensor provides notifications through the notification-enabled mobile app in the event of a detected leak. Owners can also utilize an optional shutoff valve accessory to further protect homes. The smart anode adapts to local water conditions, protecting and extending the life of the water heater, and it displays an error code on the control panel when it needs to be replaced. Demand response and time-of-use capabilities make it even easier to save money by integrating a heat pump water heater into the growing number of utility smart grid programs.

For more information on the Voltex AL heat pump water heater and other A. O. Smith products, visit www.hotwater.com