A. O. Smith wins Best Employer series awards in China


Nanjing, China-A. O Smith’s operations in China recently won a series of awards organized by Kanzhun.com, a leading human resources web site in China.  

The Nanjing-based business earned “100 China Best Employer Award 2015,” “100 Best HRM Companies 2015,” and “Best Campus Recruiting Strategy.”  Earlier this year, A. O. Smith received the “Most Promising Enterprise among Employers” and the “Most Praised Enterprise in 2015.” This is the fourth time A. O Smith has been awarded the “100 China Best Employer Awards” and “100 Best HRM Companies.”

The “100 Best HRM Companies” Award is the most influential and widely known election in the field of China human resource management. Companies are evaluated based on their effective talent attraction and retention programs, proactive employee training and development systems, effective performance review processes, and competitive compensation packages. The review criteria also measures efforts to promote corporate culture.

A. O. Smith was among 420,000 Chinese firms entered in the competition.

In addition, the company was awarded the title “Enterprise of Best Campus Talent Strategy.”  The award was based on a number of innovative company-sponsored programs including an effective Management Trainee Program, Smith Engineer Program, Undergraduates Development Program, the brand-building initiative Summer Camp which is popular with undergraduates, as well as the customized New Employee Training Program. A. O. Smith joined12 other well-known enterprises, such as Baidu, Tencent, and L'Oreal China in receiving the award. 

“Being awarded ‘100 China Best Employer Awards’ for four consecutive years demonstrates the values and brand influence of A. O. Smith,” Elaine Du, division general manager-human resources, noted.  “It also offers practical benefits brought by innovative management processes such as effective talent attracting and employee retention program, proactive employee development and training as well as effective performance review and compensation system.”

The innovation concept, “through research, a better way,” is applied to every facet of recruitment, training and development, helping shape the values of human resources. A. O. Smith carries out various kinds of corporate culture promotional activities, including an employee recognition program and continuous improvement activities.  At the same time, through constant promotion of employee recognition activities, a Cross Training Program among hourly employees, and skill contests, A. O. Smith cultivates employees’ potential and builds a platform for employees’ career development. 

With three core processes-an internal job bidding process, position evaluation process, and team leader selection process, A. O. Smith emphasizes integrity, compliance, and fair and equitable treatment.

A. O. Smith is committed to creating a good working environment for employees, Du said. Through challenging projects, cultivation by conducting a thorough project and performance review process, A. O. Smith encourages its Nanjing employees to be innovative, and identify and solve problems.  This allows employees to gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from their work. The ASTAR internal customer service program, which is central to human resources activities, also helps create a harmonious atmosphere among the departments.

Through its Management Trainee Program, A. O. Smith supplies employees with a direct channel to management positions. Through the Smith Engineer Program and professional technical promotion channel, A. O. Smith opens a channel for technical talents. In addition, the undergraduates training project has enabled many entry-level college graduates to become leaders over time. 

Elaine believes the success of A. O. Smith in earning the best employer awards is due to the China operations’ values: "Employee Satisfaction;" "Customer Satisfaction;" "Shareholder Satisfaction;" and "Community Satisfaction." 

“Just as A. O. Smith’s success of 141 years lies in its commitment to values and ethics, the human resources of A. O. Smith is based on corporate culture, continuing innovation and progress,” she pointed out, “its strategic human resources policies such as dedicated talent attraction and retention, employee training and development, compensation and benefit and performance evaluation systems guarantees the realization of our values.”