saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM helps Fergus operation reduce energy costs

Fergus Facility 620 x 240
A check presentation event was held March 20 by Centre Wellington (CW) Hydro at A. O. Smith Enterprises Ltd. headquarters and distribution facility in Fergus to showcase how the saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM makes it possible for commercial organizations to install and benefit from newer, more energy-efficient solutions that will help businesses operate more efficiently and improve their bottom line. 

The RETROFIT PROGRAM offers incentives for high-efficiency equipment such as lighting, motors, and heating and control systems to improve the overall efficiency of commercial buildings. Eligible companies can receive incentives worth up to 50 percent of project costs. 

Offered by CW Hydro, with support from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), the RETROFIT PROGRAM is one of several initiatives that represent the province’s new Conservation First Framework, which is designed to reduce electricity consumption in Ontario by seven terawatt-hours between 2015 and 2020.

A. O. Smith is one of several commercial organizations in Ontario that have benefitted from the programs offered under saveONenergy FOR BUSINESS. Through participation in the RETROFIT PROGRAM, working with CW Hydro, A. O. Smith received a saveONenergy incentive of more than $176,000 to upgrade its lighting system in its warehouse facility. 

The project consisted of replacing old, inefficient, high-intensity discharge and fluorescent lighting fixtures in its warehouse and administration building with energy-efficient fluorescent lighting fixtures. The facilities’ exterior lighting was upgraded with LED technology. The upgrades have reduced the facility’s annual energy consumption by roughly 943,000 kWh a year, which translates to approximately $100,000 in yearly savings.

“A. O. Smith Enterprises LTD appreciates having the opportunity to participate in the saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM,” Rob Henderson, operations manager at the Fergus facility, said. “This has proven to be a very successful project with significant financial savings as well as a 16 percent reduction in our carbon footprint.”

“Projects such as this contribute to our ongoing efforts to remain competitive in a global market while minimizing our impact on the environment,” he continued. “The 130 employees of the Fergus facility ship residential and commercial water heaters daily to customers throughout Canada.”

“We are pleased to have assisted A.O. Smith with implementing the saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM. Enabling a customer to reduce costs and conserve energy is a benefit to our customer, our community and Ontario,” Doug Sherwood, president-secretary of Centre Wellington Hydro Ltd., said.

“Local businesses like A. O. Smith are benefiting from the saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM to conserve energy and reduce costs,” according to Terry Young, vice president-conservation and corporate relations, Independent Electricity System Operator.  “There are simple things that businesses across Ontario can do that will help make a difference. I commend A. O. Smith for taking advantage of this program.” 

For more information about the RETROFIT PROGRAM and other saveONenergy for Business initiatives, visit Centre Wellington Hydro’s website at