A. O. Smith honors Veteran employees on Veteran’s Day


One million men and women are expected to transition out of the military and into the civilian workforce over the next four years, according to Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit dedicated to finding jobs for veterans. Veterans bring a special set of skills and experiences to everything that they do. Because of this, A. O. Smith is planning to recognize veterans at its facilities all over the nation on Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day.

This year, the facilities at Ashland City, Johnson City, McBee, Florence and Charlotte will all be awarding their veteran employees an American themed, color changing, coffee mug, a commemorative coin reflecting the five branches of military, and a thank you message from A. O. Smith.

“As a military wife, I appreciate when non-military companies reach out to our veterans,” said Rebecca Davis, administrative assistant at Ashland City.

The week of Veterans Day, the Lebanon facility scrolls the names and photos of their veteran employees on the large communication monitors in their break rooms. Vets are grouped by service branch; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.

 “We scroll the photos all week so it gives all of our employees a visual reminder of who to thank for their service to our country,” said Terry Sissom, human resources manager at the Lebanon facility.

At the World Headquarters in Milwaukee the A. O. Smith Professional Club is sponsoring a community service project to help veterans in need. Through Nov. 13, the club will be accepting donations of new hats and gloves for the Zablocki VA Medical Center. There is also an option to help assemble gift packages for veterans during the lunch hour on Nov. 20.

Cookeville also gives their vets a gift every year. This year they are planning on giving them blankets to congratulate them.

A. O. Smith also thanks their veterans every day with policies that benefit them. The military leave of absence policy grants a long-term military leave of absence for employees to serve in the Armed Forces of the United States. This policy also guarantees employees who have been granted long-term leave under this policy will be re-employed when they come back.*

“Veterans have the skills that employers are looking for,” said Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez in a statement to PBS. “They make our nation’s workforce more productive, our companies more profitable and our economy more competitive. Smart businesses recruit veterans because it’s in their self-interest, because they know it’s a sound investment in their bottom line.”

Make sure you thank those who have served this Veteran’s Day. 

* In accordance with the re-employment rights as provided by the USERRA and/or any state act which may apply.