A. O. Smith wins China Top 30 Best Employer award, Top 10 university award

China 2015 Best Employer Award 620 x 240

A. O. Smith’s operations in China capped off 2015 by receiving two more best employer awards.  

The company recently received the “Top 10 China Best Employer Award appealing to university students” and “Top 30 China Best Employer Award.” This is the first time A. O. Smith China won the Top 30 China Best Employer Award and the third consecutive year for the Top 10 China Best Employer Award of appealing to university students.

In 2014, A. O. Smith earned the China Top 100 Best Employer Award.  

Zhaopin.com and Peking University’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Employer Brand Communication Research Center launched the China Best Employer Award, a "best employer" survey in 2005. It was the first time that the concept of "employer branding" was rolled out in China. The 2015 survey received applications from around 200 cities across China and covered 5,400 employers, representing an increase of 83 percent from the year.  

Together with well-known enterprises such as IBM, Baidu and JD.com, A. O. Smith was selected as a best employer because it has demonstrated its strong commitment to business integrity and reputation as a company with strong corporate values and culture for 141 years. It also has taken proactive actions in the field of human resources, including creating processes to ensure respect for each employee, treating employees fairly, and improve employee communication.  

With a fair and open internal job bidding system, a process of group voting for shift leaders, annual job evaluation process for hourly employees and effective and objective high-potential talent review process for salaried employees—the annual performance review process, A. O. Smith China recognizes the contribution and value of every employee.  The company offers employees development opportunities for their career paths and ensures fairness, justice and through documented policies and procedures.  

Open communications is another element of A. O. Smith’s success.  The company has set up effective communication platforms of all levels, which includes inter-department communication, “skip-level” meetings, human resources related communication, management team communication, employees’ communication conference, as well as the confidential integrity help line used to report concerns.  

In addition, the smart phone APP WeChat Platform makes it convenient for employees to interact and get timely feedback. To ensure integrity, compliance and transparency, A. O. Smith offers the integrity helpline through company WeChat platform as well.  

In terms of employee development, A. O. Smith has set up a specified training program for university graduates in sales and customer service, established the Smith engineer project and professional technical talent promotion channels for technical engineers, and developed a Management Trainee program for graduates and employees who are interested in management.  

Through an internal job bidding process, management and technical dual promotion channels as well as intensive leadership development trainings, A. O. Smith provides employees with diversified opportunities for career development and multiple ways to enhance capabilities.  

A. O Smith is committed to its values and company culture developed over 141 years.  The China operations initiated an employee recognition program in 2003 focused on the company’s values recognition program; it is one of the most popular activities among employees. It encourages all employees to live the values of the company.  

A. O. Smith also promotes CI (continuous improvement) program and collects suggestions for improvement from bottom-up. Just as A. O. Smith’s success of 141 years lies in its commitment to the values and ethics, the human resources of A. O. Smith is based on this corporate culture. The human resources team continues to establish the strategy, processes and tools necessary to attract and retain talented, high performing people, and maximize their effectiveness, enhancing the company’s ability to achieve the organization’s strategies and objectives.