Meet A. O. Smith's senior leadership team with many years of experience in the global water industry. Each of our leaders is committed to taking care of our customers and living the A. O. Smith values.

Kevin J. Wheeler 200  Kevin J. Wheeler
Chairman, President
and Chief Executive Officer 

Charles T. Lauber 200   Charles T. Lauber
Executive Vice President
and Chief Financial Officer
James F. Stern 200  James F. Stern
Executive Vice President,
General Counsel and Secretary
Samuel M. Carver 200
  Samuel M. Carver
Senior Vice President
- Global Operations
Robert J. Heideman, PhD 200   Robert J. Heideman, PhD
Senior Vice President
- Chief Technology Officer
D. Samuel Karge 200
  D. Samuel Karge
Senior Vice President 
- North America Water Treatment 
B Otchere 200

Benjamin A. Otchere
Vice President 
and Controller

Parag Kulkarni 200
  Parag Kulkarni
Senior Vice President
- International
- A. O. Smith India
Water Products Private Limited

Stephen D OBrien 200   

Stephen D. O'Brien
Senior Vice President
- Lochinvar, LLC

Mark A. Petrarca 200   Mark A. Petrarca
Senior Vice President
- Human Resources and Public Affairs 
Jack Qiu, PhD 200  

Jack Qiu, PhD
Senior Vice President
- A. O. Smith China

S. Melissa Scheppele 200  S. Melissa Scheppele
Senior Vice President
- Chief Information Officer
David R. Warren 200  David R. Warren
Senior Vice President
President and General Manager
- North America Water Heating
Helen E. Gurholt 200   

Helen E. Gurholt
Vice President
- Investor Relations and Financial Planning and Analysis

J Greene 200 v2
  Josh Greene

Vice President
- Government, Regulatory and Industry Affairs